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What’s going on with the Australian Election results?

So what is the result of Australian Election! The answer is we don’t have a winner! So what is going to happens now?
Two main scenarios can happen:
1. The Coalition picks up nine or more of the “in doubt” seats and can form a majority government. Malcolm Turnbull says he has “every confidence” the Coalition will be able to form a majority government. But no-one can really say with certainty what the outcome will be.
2. The Coalition does not reach the 76 mark and Australia has a hung parliament, which means no party has more than half the MPs in the House of Representatives and no party can pass laws without gaining support from other parties or independent members of the House.
To form a majority government, a party must win 76 seats. The Coalition has won 65 seats and Labor has 67 seats. Other parties have 4 seats and 13 seats remain in doubt.
Less than 80% of votes has been counted so far, no further counting will be done on Sunday or Monday and it will resume on Tuesday.
We still need to wait to see what the outcome will be as it might take a while.

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